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Angle view of new cedar fence lining a yard

Privacy and Security Don’t have to be Ugly

Every home should have a high-quality fence to provide privacy, security, and add to the overall aesthetic value of the yard. Families with dogs and children should have secure fences to allow them to play safely and securely. Even for those who do not want to completely block off the view of the surrounding area from the yard can install higher fencing in strategic areas for various privacy and security needs.

Increase Curb Appeal with Fencing

Despite all the advantages and variety available in high-quality residential fencing, many homeowners shy away from installing fences for fear that any fence that provides both privacy and security will necessarily hinder the curb appeal of the home. However, this is a common misconception. While no fence is a replacement for the security features that every home should have, a strong and well-built fence of any kind will make intruders less likely to target a home. The fence will slow the progress of an intruder, should they not be fully deterred by the fence.

With this in mind, we will briefly discuss various fencing options for your home- all of which will provide various levels of security and privacy while adding to the beauty and value of your home.

Wood Fencing

Wood fencing, either tall or short can serve as a secure barrier for children and pets to play within. Fence boards can be stained to retain the natural beauty of the type of wood you select or can be painted to suit your taste. When wood fencing is tall, it is very hard for an intruder to scale, without making a significant amount of noise, and is an excellent complement to the security benefits of owning a protective guard dog.

Farm and Ranch Style Fencing

While being mostly decorative, this open and low type of wood fencing creates that classic outdoor look that is often found on farms and ranch houses. This kind of fencing can help to deter large animals such as deer and stray cattle from entering the yard and presents a clear boundary for your yard. It may be the ideal type of farm fencing for rural homes and houses with sprawling front yards.

Iron Fencing

Imposing, strong, and beautiful; iron fencing creates only a minimal obstruction of your view. This type of fence may not be appropriate for small and medium-sized yards, but larger areas are well served by this imposing and handsome type of security fence. Should an intruder consider scaling such a fence, the intimidating pointed post-tops may just change their mind. At the same time, the fearsome pointed tops are too high to pose any danger to small children- and the spaces between the posts will not permit even small to medium sized children to pass through.

Concrete Fencing

Beautiful, solid, and highly customizable; concrete fencing provides nearly complete privacy while adding great visual appeal to any area protected by it. Concrete fencing can be made to incorporate any style of door or gate with secure locking mechanisms. Furthermore, any security features you may with to add to a concrete fence can be firmly and permanently attached.

For more information about how a new fence will enhance your home, click or call today to speak with one of our knowledge fencing experts at (817) 275-2151.

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