Canopies and Shade Structures

Whether you operate a warehouse, restaurant, or nearly any other type of business, you may need a commercial canopy or shade structure to protect against the elements. At Rustic Fence, we use only commercial grade metals to professionally protect against wind, sun, rain, snow, and more! Keep your customers and inventory safe with our expertly crafted and installed canopies.

Warranties on Our Canopies

All of our canopies and shade structure are built to last through years of wear and tear so that you can confidently employ them at your business. With long-lasting warranties on all of our products, you will never have to second guess your choice!

Since 1964, Rustic Fence has been crafting professional-grade canopies and shade structures so that your business can effectively operate in any weather. Our structures are guaranteed to keep customers comfortable while also protecting your assets.

No matter how big or small you desire your canopy to be, we will work with you to craft it perfectly to your building’s specifications. We care about our customer’s satisfaction, and with over 50 years of experience, we know how to deliver!