1. How long will the fence installation process take?

At Rustic Fence, we work quickly to get you what you want and when you want it. However, projects generally vary by length and this is due to a number of factors. Certain custom orders may take longer if the order is unique, and the size of the project along with the location can also determine how long it will take for your fence to be completely set up. We will work with your schedule, so if you need a fence in a certain timeframe, we will do everything we can to make it happen!

2. How tall can my fence be?

Depending on your city and type of residence (commercial, residential, etc.) the height of your fence may be limited due to certain city ordinances but is normally 8 feet tall. However, you have nothing to worry about in terms of code violations since we understand all of the laws in the areas we service.

3. How should I choose my fence style?

Each fence has its own unique benefits that apply to numerous situations. While a chain link fence may work in some instances, a wooden or iron fence may work better in others. We will work with you to determine which fence would be best suited for your individual circumstance.

4. What fence provides the most protection?

People commonly ask, “which fence will provide the most protection?” but there is no clear-cut answer. Depending upon your local environment and the possibilities for threats, certain fences may have special benefits for you as opposed to others. For example, a chain link fence is often used in prisons due to its strength and the fact that it can be seen through. However, sometimes an iron gate may be a better choice for a home.

5. How much will a fence installation cost?

Each fence and project differs from the next, but we can find fences that work within your budget. In terms of pricing, it generally depends on the style of fence, how long and high you desire it, plus other factors including custom designs or additional features.

6. What are your warranty terms?

We provide a lifetime warranty on all installations. For example, if a product was installed improperly or if a failure occurred due to the installation process, we will provide a full warranty for that product.

For outside manufacturer warranties, we will do our best to fulfill the warranty but sometimes the specific terms are dictated by the company and not ourselves.

For warranty claims to be valid, the fence must have been kept with proper use and care. This means that intentional compromises or preventable accidents may limit the terms of the warranty. For product specific information and for more in-depth details, please contact us today.

7. Does Rustic Fence provide free estimates?

We provide free estimates for fencing and contracting work.

8. What about fencing maintenance?

We offer operator maintenance. If you’d like to maintain your fence yourself, we offer many fences that come with little-required maintenance including PVC and more. If you ever need assistance, we are available to help you fix or adjust your fence.

9. Are you insured?

Yes, Rustic Fence is insured to practice in all of our serving areas and elsewhere.