5 Great Halloween Fence Decoration Ideas

A wooden fence with jack-o-lantern cutouts and spiderweb cutouts stuck on

If you love Halloween, then you’re likely planning to go all out with your Halloween decorations. There are so many areas on your property that you can decorate – your yard, your porch, your garage door – but don’t forget your fence! To help you get your home ready for Halloween, here are 5 great […]

What can Damage my Fencing?

An old, rotting wooden fence with the words "What can Damage Fencing?"

When you get a new fence, it can be quite a joy to admire. But this appreciation may dwindle if your fence starts to show signs of wear and tear. If your fence is very old, this wear and tear may be inevitable; but if it is fairly new, then your fence breaking down early […]

How Does a Fence Affect the Value of a House?

A small toy house with a toy fence sits in real grass with the words "A Fence's Effect on Home Value"

Thinking about having a fence installed on your property? Perhaps you’re looking for a way to safely contain Fido, or maybe you’re more interested in getting a fence installed for privacy reasons. Regardless, choosing the right type of fence is key since the type of fence you install can have a large impact on the potential […]

What Type of Fencing Lasts the Longest?

A wrought iron fence with the words "Longest Lasting Fence Types"

Looking to have new fencing installed on your property? If so, then you’re probably wondering what type of fencing material is best for your needs. Of course, there are a number of factors to take into consideration for your fencing project, including: your budget your style primary function (privacy, curb appeal, pet containment, etc.) Regardless of these […]

How to Use Garden Fencing to Keep Animals Out

A dog peeks up over a wooden fence beside the words "Garden Fencing"

Gardens can be destroyed by a variety of critters – such as squirrels, deer, dogs, and groundhogs – and you’ll need different kinds of fencing to keep out each different kind of animal. If you don’t know what kind of animal is plaguing your garden, you’ll need to figure it out before adding garden fencing […]

Privacy and Security Don’t have to be Ugly

Angle view of new cedar fence lining a yard

Every home should have a high-quality fence to provide privacy, security, and add to the overall aesthetic value of the yard. Families with dogs and children should have secure fences to allow them to play safely and securely. Even for those who do not want to completely block off the view of the surrounding area […]