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A wooden fence with jack-o-lantern cutouts and spiderweb cutouts stuck on

5 Great Halloween Fence Decoration Ideas

If you love Halloween, then you’re likely planning to go all out with your Halloween decorations. There are so many areas on your property that you can decorate – your yard, your porch, your garage door – but don’t forget your fence! To help you get your home ready for Halloween, here are 5 great Halloween fence decoration ideas:

1. Hanging Decorations

You can find a lot of Halloween decorations that are meant to be hung on or in your house; why not hang them from your fence? Ghostly images, bats, spiders, and other things associated with Halloween can all adorn your fencing. Just avoid using stickers since they may damage your fence.

2. You’re Being Watched!

There’s nothing quite as unsettling as the feeling that you’re being watched. If you have a witch, skeleton, or other spooky figure peering at passersby over the fence, it’ll seem like there’s a dark figure just waiting to spring upon them.

3. Black Cat on the Prowl

A black cat standing on a fence with trees in the background

Cats are known to like walking along fences. Since black cats are associated with Halloween, a black cat on your fence makes for a fitting decoration. Of course, you’ll never get Fluffy to stay perched on your fence, so you’ll have to use a fake cat. But still, find one with piercing eyes and your fence will have a nice Halloween addition to it.

4. Graveyard Entrance

If you have a gate on your fence, you’ve got a great opportunity for a creepy decoration. Put a sign on the fence that says “Cemetery” and add fake vines and cobwebs to make it look spooky and decrepit. If you have a wrought iron fence or an archway over your gate, it’ll make the cemetery entrance seem really authentic.

A murder of crows sitting atop a chain link fence at dusk with more crows flying in the background5. Perched Crows or Ravens

Many people are aware that a group of crows is called a murder. That’s because these dark birds are scavengers who can often be found amongst the dead. Their association with death and their dark feathers make them great Halloween decorations when you perch them on your fence (fake ones, of course).

Ravens are also black-feathered scavengers. While they don’t group into a murder, they have a rather dark association thanks to Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “The Raven.”

Does your fence already look like an old, decrepit Halloween decoration without you adding anything to it? Then it may be time for a new fence. The fencing specialists at Rustic Fence can spruce up your property with a new, beautiful fence that looks great for years to come. Contact them today to learn more about their fencing options.

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