Iron Fences

Black iron fencing with spear tops lines a well maintained lawn

Iron Fencing in Arlington, TX & Surrounding Areas

For over 50 years, the South family has been proudly creating and installing customized iron fences for homes, ranches, and commercial properties. Our iron fences are made from the finest and most durable commercial materials. This ensures that your fence lasts through the years and through any weather. During installation, our professional team will safely and carefully install your fence so that it stands strong without harm to your lawn or foundation.

Iron Fencing Styles & Designs

We have numerous styles and designs ready for your home, and we also specialize in custom arbors and uniquely designed iron fences.

Each one of these iron fence styles works great for security and as an aesthetic touch to your home or commercial property. Each style does have its own unique benefits, and we would love to provide you with information and estimates on which is perfect for your property. Whether you are looking for improved security, added safety, or just a new design for your yard, our fences are guaranteed to get the job done!

Flat Top Fencing

Iron flat top fencing provides heightened security while still be stylish and sleek. Depending on your property and the intended flat top fencingpurpose, flat top fencing comes in numerous sizes and styles that are guaranteed to secure and visually enhance your home or office.

These fences can act as a smooth handrail while walking or as a guided path around a garden. We can add small designs to accentuate the fence to your liking, or we can leave it simple and non-obtrusive.

Tall flat top fencing protects against intruders while shorter fences can help to keep visitors off of flowers, gardens, and other off-limits areas. This makes it perfect for swimming pools, museums, and other recreational areas.

Spear Top Fencing

Spear top iron fences combine the strength of iron with the protecting deterrent of sharp spears. These fences are the standard for protecting your home, office, or other commercial property. Should you wish to use these fences in your home, you can also add softening tips to ensure that your kids stay safe.

At Rustic Fence, we take our fencing and your security seriously. All of our fences are made from the highest grade commercial materials, and we take care during each step of the manufacturing process to ensure satisfaction. Once your fence is ready, our expert team will install it efficiently and safely so that your new fence is ready for immediate use.

Our spear top iron fences come in many styles and sizes. We can create a fence using the classic pressed point spears or by using protective doggy bars to keep intruders at bay. Along with this, we can add decorative ornaments or stylings to your iron fence so that it blends in beautifully with your property.

Iron Trellis

An iron trellis is a perfect addition to any landscape. Yards, patios, pools, and other areas can all benefit from the simple beauty of a well-designed arbor. At Rustic Fence, we custom design all of our iron trellises whether it’s a simple or complex iron trellis swimming pool entrancedesign.

An iron trellis can be attached to small iron rails around a pool or patio, on stone-masoned arches in a hall, or over a garden for a wonderful effect. We customize our trellises to fit the largest spaces down to the smallest areas in local cafes. However you dream it, we will create it!

Our expert team will install it so that you can quickly enjoy the benefits of having a beautiful trellis over your property. Whether you wish to enhance your landscape, arches, or more, Rustic Fence is ready to make it happen!

Iron Railings

We provide iron railings for numerous residential and commercial properties, and we will create them according to your exact specifications. Since 1964, we continue to use only the highest grade commercial materials to ensure that your iron rails are safe and long lasting.

There are numerous styles available that can blend beautifully with your building and landscape. Straight iron or twisted, curved, and specially designed rails all work beautifully with different home aesthetics. Our iron rails can be as simple or as elegantly designed as you please.

During installation, our trained team will expertly install your new iron rails without disrupting the surrounding area. Throughout the process from inception to installation, our excellent customer service will help you to ensure that you get exactly what you want.

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At Rustic Fence, we understand that every property and customer is different, and that’s why we take the time to find out exactly what you want before offering our options. We want our fence to be your favorite fence, and we will do everything we can to make the process exceptional.

If you are looking for a new commercial iron fence, contact us today for a free estimate to get started!