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What Are the Different Types of Driveway Gates?

A driveway gate can add both beauty and security to the front of your property. And depending on the type of material you choose, it can also add curb appeal or much-needed privacy. Companies that provide professional custom gate solutions can advise you on which type of gate best suits your needs

With so many materials to choose from, the right gate installation provider can create exactly the type of gate to protect your property and elevate the style you wish to project.

Custom Gate Option

The driveway gate should provide the first impression for visitors and give you the security you’re looking for. Below are some of the factors to discuss with your gate installation company:

  •       Type – Single swing gates need a lot of flat space to open properly. A bi-parting swing gate requires a wide berth. If you have a steep entry, a sliding gate is most likely a better choice.
  •       Mechanism – An automatic gate is the wise option for any home. This allows you to open the gate from inside your vehicle by cell phone, keypad, key card, or transmitter.
  •       Material – Whether you choose wood, metal, or wrought iron for your gate, most gates must be custom-crafted to fit the entry. Wooden gates are often the most aesthetically pleasing in rural areas but if you have livestock considerations metal gates may be a better choice.

Learn More About Your Driveway Gate Option

The experienced team at Rustic Fence is ready to advise you on the best driveway gate options for your unique property. Contact us today for a free property assessment and quote.

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