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Prevent Theft with Air Conditioner Cages

Do you know how quickly a skilled thief can remove copper from your AC unit? It takes less than 5 minutes. That’s faster than you or the police could react even if you catch them in the act. Aluminum has also increased in value over the years so it has become a target as well.

Many have their AC units hidden behind bushes or fences. But most of the time this won’t completely deter a determined thief. So what’s the solution?

AC Cages Solve Theft Issues

Having cages installed over your air conditioning units will slow down potential thieves and prevent the eventual theft of copper, aluminum, or even smaller parts like condensers that contain a small amount of these metals.

By preventing theft, you also won’t have the cost of replacement or your insurance premiums going up.

Choose the Right AC Cage

There are many types of AC cages meant to deter theft. The best type is constructed of solid steel that is not easily cut through or removed.

Some cages are in effect only window dressing, as they are made of hollow tubes that are easily taken off with simple tools.

You should also choose a cage that is so well made that a thief’s hand can’t easily reach between the bars. It should have a locking mechanism that can’t be bypassed with bolt cutters.

Learn More About the Benefits of AC Cages

Rustic Fence offers incredibly strong AC cages that are built to last and effectively deter thieves. Contact us today for more details.

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