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Most Popular Wood Privacy Fence Styles

One thing that homebuyers love to see is a privacy fence, especially if it is a well-maintained, attractive one. We all love socializing with our neighbors, but there are times when we would rather enjoy backyard life without everyone watching.

Privacy fences are a great way to increase your home value and enjoy the outdoor life, as well as protect against invasive wildlife and thieves. In 2022, the most popular styles of wood fencing are:

  •       Classic picket fencing. The most traditional choice and still quite popular, picket fencing is a winner for almost every style of home. It is easy to maintain and gives great curb appeal. It’s also a budget-friendly choice.
  •       Luxe wooden fencing – Crafted from 100% wood panels specifically for the terrain of your property, upscale wooden fencing can also come with decorative accents like lattice, custom top rail, or other stylish pieces.
  •       Modern wooden fencing – These fences are popular adjacent to mid-century style homes, modern homes, or against a backdrop of elaborate landscaping. The simplicity and simple lines of modern fencing don’t compete with your landscaping and mature trees.
  •       Wood fencing with security features – If you have pets and children enjoying your outdoor spaces, added security features and height can give you extra peace of mind.

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Rustic Fence has been installing the highest quality wood fencing for decades. Our expert team can both consult with you about your needs and offer design options that suit your property.

If you’re considering a wood privacy fence for your residential or commercial property, contact us today!

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