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How to Get the Privacy You Want with a Fence


When you just want to relax after work but the noise from next door is interrupting your much-needed me time, you begin wondering if a privacy fence would help. And the answer is a resounding yes! Fencing is a stylish, protective shield against unwanted sights and sounds.

The first step is choosing the right fence for your needs, as not all fences are created equal. Here are the most popular fencing options and how they can help:

  • Wood – Classic wood fences offer character and timeless beauty to any home style. The natural appearance creates a warmth that can’t be matched. They do however need regular maintenance to keep looking their best.
  • Vinyl – Low maintenance and versatile, vinyl fencing has gained in popularity over the years. They are resistant to nasty weather and come in various styles and colors. They are costlier than wood but the upkeep is much easier.
  • Other Considerations – Ask your local fencing installation company about recommended heights and materials for achieving the privacy and sound barrier you’re looking for. Tell them your budget and vision, and let them present you with a design that’s perfect for your property.
  • Local Laws – Some areas, especially those with an HOA, may have restrictions as to the height or color of your fence. Be sure to consult the proper authorities before having your new fence installed.

Learn More About Privacy Fencing from the Pros

The expert team at Rustic Fence can bring you the ultimate privacy solutions you seek. No matter which material you prefer, our installation team can create your privacy fence quickly and efficiently, leaving the area clean and safe.

Contact us today for more details or to schedule a design consultation.

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