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Here's How to Use Fencing for Optimal Style in Your Backyard Oasis

If you’re in the middle of creating a backyard where tranquility meets function, don’t neglect fencing. The right backyard fence can become a design feature that provides security and privacy as well.

Go Beyond Traditional Materials

Most people gravitate toward wood fences, but other modern options like metal panels, bamboo, or even recycled materials can add charm and ambiance.

Color Your World

Look past the usual natural wood or white color to create style. Fencing in a bold color creates energy and fun while a muted palette creates an elegant outdoor space.

Accentuate with Plant Life

A beautiful fence dripping with gorgeous greenery instantly creates a garden vibe while boosting privacy. Climbing plants like creeping fig or ivy create a living wall. Try trailing plants or flowering vines to create more interest.

Make It Functional

Strategic lighting can both enhance security and drama in your backyard space. String loads of fairy lights across fences or add sleek LED sconces for a bit of nighttime magic.

Customize Your Gates

Gates are often an afterthought but they should be incorporated into your design. Custom gates can add flair and uniqueness to any outdoor space.

Need Backyard Fencing? Call the Pros

Rustic Fence has helped hundreds of homeowners create the ultimate outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining. Our high-quality fences provide style, security, and privacy to your backyard getaway. Whether you want a modern minimalist retreat or an enchanting landscape that’s safe for children and pets, we’ve got the options you need to see your vision come to life.

Contact our team for more information about our services or to schedule an on-site design consultation and quote. We’re the only partner you need for any fencing solution and we’re ready to assist you. Call today!


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