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Why You Want a Board on Board Fence

A board on board fence is built with two layers of wood that are constructed in an overlapping manner. The pickets are arranged vertically on both sides, thereby leaving a gap in the fence. Despite the gap, these wood fences are great whether you have pets or not. The design brings an aesthetic appeal to the fence, with the wood adding more elegance to the property. When you have a good service provider, you will end up with a fence that is designed to your exact specifications but is still very functional.


Board on board fences are great security fences, especially when you choose a type of wood that is treated properly before being placed into the ground. The holes should also be filled with an appropriate material such as dry-packed concrete. The concrete will act as reinforcement to keep the poles sturdy whereas the treatments will make them durable in all weather conditions. To beef up security, just add a lock to the fence and your property will remain secure even when you’re not around.


If you have a big backyard or front yard that you’re unable to use due to lack of privacy then board on board fence is your solution. The installation process of these fences differs and can allow you to get a partially closed or fully closed fence. You can choose the level of privacy you want and hire our company to fulfill your wishes.


Although wood isn’t as strong as iron, board on board privacy or security fences are still functional but they come at a cheaper price. You can get strong quality wood and pay less than you would with iron or other metal. Wood is also easier to work with. The customizability makes them a great option for installers as they can construct any design.


Choosing the right materials for the fence is just as important as hiring the right installation company. Rustic Fence is one of the best companies you can turn to for high quality and long-lasting board on board fences. You will get great options for your farm area, residential area, or any other place you want to fence.


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