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Privacy fence? Here’s What You Need to Know

With social media being at everyone’s fingertips, it is very easy to become a target. You’d be surprised how many families are filmed without their knowledge for things as small as a family barbeque where someone is having fun. Privacy is a hot commodity, and no longer reserved just for celebrities. One way to help solve this problem: a privacy fence.

What is a privacy fence?

Privacy fences used to make homes look like giant fortresses, or were contraptions that seemed to be do-it-yourself projects. Now, privacy fences are beautiful works of art that complement your curb appeal. It combines safety, security, and beauty in customized detail.

When deciding the type of privacy fence that meets your needs, there are some things to consider.


In many cities and neighborhoods, some ordinances limit the height of your fence. Knowing those rules before you get started can save time, and possibly money.


It’s one thing to say you want a privacy fence, but knowing the exact reason can help make a decision that will give you the best benefit.


Just like the exterior of your home, the fence must be maintained. Depending on the type of fence you get, the maintenance and upkeep could be more than you bargained for.


Considering the full cost of the privacy fence is essential. Installation, permits, maintenance, and other factors should play a role your decision.


Getting the right type of fence has to be on the list. What will climate conditions impact the fence? Will the fence clash with the rest of the neighborhood? This can be easily overlooked but could become problematic if not considered.

Prepping for Installation

A privacy fence is not one you want to build by yourself. Getting a professional fencing team in to evaluate and provide recommendations is the best course of action. There is an entire process of acquiring the materials and permits before installation begins. Additionally, getting the fence customized to your needs and specifications makes it worth your while.

Doing a little research on privacy fencing in your area, and what type of fence you are interested in will help when you meet with the fencing company. Having unique tastes and preferences is the priority, but having a general idea of whether or not what you want is possible will save time and help the company with their recommendations.

A fence is a huge investment that will remain part of your home for years to come. Make sure your reasoning and preferences are timeless. For more information on fences and how we can assist in your choices and installation, contact the team at Rustic Fence today.

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