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The Best Way to Clean Your Wood Fence

Wood fences, while beautiful, are susceptible to many elements that can rob them of beauty or even damage them. They need to be properly maintained to last a long time. If you’ve never cleaned your fence before you should start now and plan on a regular maintenance schedule.

The first step is identifying any stains. Are they from dirt, mold, or algae? Once you know what the stains are you can use the proper method to clean it while protecting the precious wood.

How to Clean Fence Stains

Here are the various techniques to properly remove the stains from your wood fence:

  • Dirt – if your fence is simply dirty from lawn dirt or grass clippings, your garden hose should work just fine provided it has a standard spray nozzle that is working properly. For stubborn spots simply use a scrub brush.
  • Mold  & Algae – These stains require a bit more preparation. Wet the fence down before you begin to make it easier to remove the material from your fence. Then you can either go with an eco-friendly wood cleaning solution to protect any animals on your property, or you can use a diluted bleach solution. Use a scrub brush on areas with greater build-up. Use your garden hose when you’re done to completely rinse off all the bleach.
  • Water Stains – Power washing and resealing is recommended here. Keep your power washer at a setting no higher than 1500-2000 psi and use a 25-degree spray nozzle. This will keep you from damaging the fence while you clean it. Wait a couple of days for it to dry completely before applying a sealer.

Learn More About Proper Fence CareRustic Fence has advised thousands of clients over the past 50 years on proper fence maintenance. If you have any questions about fence care contact us today for more information.

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