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Savvy Tips for Picking the Perfect Fence Height

Are you thinking about adding a fence to your property? Making that decision involves the inevitable question: how tall should the fence be?

Well, it depends on what purpose the fence will serve. Is it to keep animals in or out? Is it for privacy or safety? We’ve laid out a few tips for your decision so you get what you want from your investment.

Factors to Consider When Deciding Fence Height


What purpose will your fence will serve? Are you hoping to keep pets in the yard or keep young children from wandering away? If so, a 3-foot high fence will most likely do the trick. If privacy tops your list, opting for a picket fence in the 6-8 foot range will be ideal. Deciding the primary function of your fence will help you arrive at the optimal height.


The appearance of your fence is just as important as its functionality. If you’re upgrading your property with a new fence installation, it should enhance curb appeal, not detract from it. The beauty of your fencing options is the many choices available to you: picket fences, wrought iron masterpieces, or sleek vinyl. Remember to consider different heights as well; too tall a fence could make spaces feel cramped while a shorter one may look insufficient.


It’s no secret that the price of installing and maintaining a fence varies widely depending on material choice and height. A simple rule of thumb is that taller and more elaborate fences will be pricier. But don’t forget to factor in maintenance costs. Certain materials like wood may require more upkeep than vinyl or aluminum.

 Still Need Advice? Call Us!

Finding the right fence height is a delicate balance between functionality, aesthetics, and cost. The experts at Rustic Fence are here to assist you with material and height recommendations.

Contact our team today and let’s find the perfect fencing solution for your needs.

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