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Increasing Your Home Value with the Right Fence

There are a lot of ways to boost your home’s property value, but have you ever considered that the type of fence you install could add thousands to your bottom line? It’s true: the right fence can do more than make your property look good – it can make it worth more!

Should You Install a Fence Before Selling?

When it is time to sell your home, there may be a few home improvements to do to get your house ready for market. One thing you may have not considered is installing a fence. With the average cost of fencing running around $5,000, adding such a costly improvement may seem like a waste to many sellers, but statistics show that fences do attract buyers. While research shows that only about 50% of the initial cost is recouped, in many cases the fence alone could be what attracts a buyer in the first place.

When trying to decide if you should add a fence to your yard prior to listing consider these important facts:

  • Who your buyer is: if you are trying to sell a family home the odds are good the buyer is going to have smaller children and pets and will want a fence.
  • What your neighbors have: look around your neighborhood. If every other house has a fence and you don’t, your house is going to look odd to potential buyers. On the other hand, adding a fence to a neighborhood that lacks others, may make your home stand out in a negative way.

Choosing the Right Fence

When installing a fence, you want to get the most bang for your buck. That means choosing a style that compliments your house and property. Adding the right fence can increase your home’s value, but installing the wrong kind can do the exact opposite. So what type of fencing is best? Follow these simple suggestions for picking a fence that will add value to your home:

  • Always match the style: A fence should complement the style of your home. So be sure to match the fence to the house. If you own a Victorian style house, opt for a low picket or other decorative fences. But, if you own a farmhouse or colonial consider more rustic looking fencing.
  • Consider placement: Will you be adding fencing to the front or back of the property? This one decision can determine the type and style you choose. Lower, more decorative fences are best for the front since they can enhance the overall appearance and add character to your curb appeal. Higher fences offer more privacy in the backyard, which can be appealing to buyers especially when houses are close together.
  • Use fencing as a design element: One way to showcase an outdoor living space is with a well-designed fence. By integrating the right fencing into your overall design, you can add appeal and value to the property.

Finding the Right Fencing Contractor

Whether you are looking to install a fence to give you more privacy; add a decorative touch to your property; or want to make your home more marketable, it is vital to find the right fencing contractor to ensure that you get the best product to fit your needs. Servicing the community since 1964, Rustic Fence Company is known throughout the Arlington Texas area as the fencing experts. Call today for a free consultation and estimate.

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