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How to Choose the Right Fence to Keep Your Pet Safe

One of the top priorities of every pet owner is to create a safe and secure environment for our fuzzy friends to play in. One crucial part is choosing the right fencing to suit your property and pet. But how do you know which one is best? Here are some things to consider before selecting your pet fence:

  •       Size

A rule of thumb is the bigger the dog, the taller the fence. To make sure your little buddy can’t leap over the fence and chase that German Shepherd walking past, take note of their jumping skills and breed before deciding on fence height.

  •       Material

Wooden fencing is always a popular choice, but it can deteriorate over time without proper maintenance. If repairing and painting fences occasionally isn’t for you, choose another low-maintenance material like vinyl or chain-link.

  •       Security

Gaps in fences or under them occur when your dog attempts to escape or dig under them. Have your fencing installation company add a mesh or close-knit barrier to add an extra layer of “escape insurance.” Gates with locking mechanisms are also a wide choice to keep your energetic dog from making a run for it.

Another option to keep pets safe and inside your yard is buried wiring for invisible fencing. If your dog is an escape artist and a runner, it would be well worth the investment.

  •       Inspect for Hazards

Once your fence is installed, take the time to do regular inspections for exposed nails, chipped wood planks with splinters, or loose boards.

Learn More About Pet-Friendly Fencing

The expert team at Rustic Fence can help you design the perfect fence to keep your beloved pets safe inside your yard having fun. Contact us today for more details or to schedule an on-site consultation

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