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Handrails and Railings Provide Safe Access to Your Home or Business

On your residential or commercial property, handrails and railings are vital safety components. They provide stability for families or clients moving through the space. Other benefits include decreased risk of injury liability and possibly even lower insurance premiums.

Places, where safety railings would be useful, are around outdoor pool areas, stairwells, or inclines. In your home, handrails are a boon for elderly family members and in locations like basement stairwells they are helpful to all.

Where to Install Pedestrian Handrails

On your commercial property, the following places would also be good candidates for handrail or guardrail installation:

  •       Separation of spaces. If you have walkways that are adjacent to vehicle access roads or parking, installing a railing can prevent accidents and injuries.
  •       Slippery areas. In spaces where tile floors or walkways can become wet from inclement weather, handrails help pedestrians avoid slip and fall injuries.
  •       Work zones. Brightly colored railings keep clients from dangerous work zones and loading docks.

Overall, handrails and railings provide the necessary visual cues to pedestrians to keep back or take precautions. Avoiding injuries also helps you avoid legal issues.

Residential Handrail Recommendations

If you have someone staying in your home with mobility issues, adding handrails in various places in your home helps keep them safe while allowing them to remain as independent as possible. Common railing installation locations include stairwells, step-ups, bathroom shower stalls, and adjacent to the bed.

Learn More About Handrail and Railing Benefits

The expert team at Rustic Fence can advise you on both railing types and the best locations for installation. Contact us today for more details.

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