Your Fencing Partner in Denton, TX

Both wood fences and iron fences have great visual appeal and versatility that makes them a great choice for different types of properties. You can have them as security fences or privacy fences in both residential and commercial properties and they’ll serve their purpose. Rustic Fence can help you enjoy all the benefits that such fences provide even if you decide to use them for animal fencing. We are the right company to turn to if you need products for fencing farm areas or building air conditioner cages.

Service Variation

Rustic Fence provides a lot of services and products for different fencing needs. Whether you need gates, chain link fences, or commercial iron fences, our company will show you different designs to select from. We take pride in providing solutions to the unique needs of different people within Denton and we ensure they all have the highest quality. You can contact us if you need:

  • Help with fencing farm animals
  • Strong and durable handrails and cattle guards
  • Quality commercial bollards and guardrails
  • Unique commercial security gates
  • New construction or renovation of canopies and shade structures

Other than a wide range of services, our company also practices the best policies that ensure the best service provision. We stand by our products and their quality because we want you to get value for your money. Our family-run business also prioritizes transparency and honesty. We tell our clients the truth and we don’t hide some charges when we issue a quote.

Even though Denton, TX is mostly known for its fabulous courthouse square and exciting nightlife, there is also a need for essential services. If you need farm and ranch fencing services, our professionals will take care of you. We have experience and expertise in fencing farm areas and will serve you diligently. Call us today for the best fencing products and services. Our customer service team is readily available and takes good care of you.