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Creating a Custom Wooden Fence for You!

Wooden fences are still one of the most popular types, even though they have been around for thousands of years. Why? They are of simple construction, easily customizable, and classically beautiful. Quality does come into play, however. The better quality and workmanship put into your fence will give it a much longer life, as will skilled installation. There are many different styles of wooden fences, and Rustic Fence can create one specifically for your property.

4 Types of Wooden Fences

  •       Classic – These fences are probably the most common for larger properties, farms, and ranches. Support posts are placed every couple of yards with planks in between. They often have horizontal supports as well.
  •       Board on Board – This type of fence is ideal for privacy. The fence pickets butt up against each other and connect to rails running between the posts.
  •       Decorative Post – Enhanced curb appeal and often increased property value are just a couple of the benefits you’ll enjoy with a decorative post fence. The post style is chosen to work with the style of your home to elevate its beauty and make it unique.
  •       Lattice – This traditional style of fencing is commonly seen around patios or gardens. It provides a level of privacy and allows airflow and a line of sight through the fence.

Learn More About Our Custom Wood Fences

Rustic Fence has skilled artisans with decades of experience crafting wooden fences. Contact us today and schedule a design consultation for your residential or commercial property.

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