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Commercial Fencing, What You Need to Know

Commercial fencing is a vital part of every business, providing privacy and security for customers as well as employees. Depending on the purpose of your commercial fence, there are several material types available to suit the needs of any business.

  1. Chain-link fencing – This is the most commonly used commercial fencing. It is strong, durable, and pretty low maintenance. It is made of galvanized steel, making it rust-resistant and very long-lasting. This type of fence is commonly used for industrial and commercial applications, like areas around construction sites and warehouses.
  2. Wood fencing – This is another popular option for commercial properties as it can be stained, painted, or even decorated with company logos. It is more attractive than chain-link, relatively low-cost, and is often customized to fit the needs of a business. While wood fencing can be more susceptible to damage than chain-link, it is professionally treated to help preserve its beauty and structural integrity. Wood fencing is also commonly used for privacy or to create a decorative feature on a property.
  3. Vinyl fencing –  A durable and attractive option for commercial fencing made from a hard plastic material, vinyl fencing is resistant to wear and tear. This material is available in a variety of styles, colors, heights, and widths. It is often seen in residential and commercial applications, like bordering swimming pools, parks, and other recreational spaces.

Discover Which Commercial Fencing Suits Your Business

The experts at Rustic Fence are ready to advise you about which type of commercial fencing you need on your property for optimal privacy and security. Call us today!

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