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Choosing the Right Fence for Your Livestock

Owning a farm or a ranch is a big job. It also comes with a big responsibility. When it comes to livestock, containment and safety are most likely your biggest concerns. Fencing is the tool that helps you achieve that. When it is done professionally, it can take these worries right off the table and let you concentrate on other jobs.

Choosing the right type of fence for your livestock depends on what type of terrain and livestock you have. Here are some examples of proper fencing:

·        Cattle – traditional barb wire fences are still used across the country, but other options are springing up. High tensile wire fencing on solid posts can be both an affordable solution and a practical one. Installation is key as the wires must remain taught to be effective. For areas where you want both a beautiful aesthetic and good containment, custom-built wooden fences are still preferred.

·        Horses – Wire fencing isn’t practical with horses and can even be dangerous. Horses need to see a barrier or they can run into it. This often causes unnecessary injuries that can be avoided with a solid wooden fencing solution.

·        Sheep & Goats – Wire fencing is good for these animals who are notorious escape artists. Posts placed closer together with taught wire work very well. If you want a nicer aesthetic, however, wooden fencing is your best bet.

Find Out More About Proper Livestock Fencing Rustic Fence has over 50 years of experience providing solutions for regional farmers and ranchers. Contact us today for a free assessment and quote.

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