What’s the Difference Between Wood Stain and Varnish?

A person using a brush to add stain to a wood fence

Wood stain and varnish are both great tools for revitalizing your fence. They help bring out the natural color and beauty of the wood fence while alsostrengthening it and increasing its lifespan. While stain and varnish are often believed to be the same thing, they’re really two different products with different purposes. Here are the […]

How to Stain a Fence

A dark oak stained wooden fence lines a well manicured lawn

When you stain your fence, you want to make sure that you do it right. Fortunately, all it takes are a few simple steps and careful attention to make sure that your wood fence is stained correctly. Here are the steps for how to stain a fence: 1. Check the Weather To make sure that […]

How to Clean a Wood Fence

A person power washing a dirty wood fence with the words "How to Clean a Wood Fence"

Wood fences accumulate grime and dirt over time, which can be unsightly and also degrade the integrity of the fence. Fortunately, whether you want to use a power washer or clean it by hand, there are some simple steps you can take to wash off the dirt and scrub off other grime. Here’s how to […]

The Best Wood Fences for Extreme Texas Weather

Landscaping accents a tall cedar privacy fence

A fence is only as good as the wood comprising it. Whether you need industrial fencing or a beautiful addition to your home, fences in Texas face unique challenges. Lone star weather is more formidable than most of the country, and any fence here needs to be sturdy enough to stay standing. For that reason, we’ve reviewed the most […]