What’s The Right Fence for My Pet?

A small dog plays happily in the grass on a spring day.

The right fence will contain and protect your pets and enhance the look of your home. By fencing in your yard, you give your pet a safe place to play and prevent him from wandering. The right fence for your pet will depend on your pet’s size and skills, his habits, and even his need […]

Picking the Right Material For Your Fence

A white picket fence lines the yard of a classic colonial home

The type of fencing that is best suited for your property depends on the uses of the property and provides the best solution considering all the goals you have for your property. Most properties have more than one need for fencing. Fencing can be placed on the perimeter of the property to create boundaries. It […]

Choosing a Cedar Fence

A Tall pressure treated pine privacy fence with a heavy gate stained a reddish shade of maple

One of the main reasons that people use cedar for their fencing is because of the way it looks, but there’s another important reason, as well. It’s extremely durable and will stand up to rainy, damp conditions for many years. If you live in an area of the country where it’s wet a lot, you’ll […]