Thinking About Fences When You Have Small Children

A little girl plays with her kitten in the un-trimmed grass of her backyard

From privacy to creating a beautiful curbside appearance for your home, there are plenty of reasons to install a fence; the greatest reason of all, though, is to protect your children and pets from hazards and harm. Keeping Kids Safe with a Fence Fences provide both physical and psychological barriers and can deter unwanted, unwelcome […]

The Fundamentals of Choosing a Fence

Man uses a cordless screwdriver to set a screw into the support of a new fence

Building a fence on your property adds both value and functionality. Sorting through the variety of different fencing options to fit your needs and budget is confusing and time-consuming. Before constructing a new fence, learn about the many types of fences available to you. Why do you need a new fence? Before deciding on a […]

Keep Your New Wooden Fence Looking Great

Steel supports in concrete support a wooden fence lining a playground

You love the look of your new wooden fence. The trouble with wood though is that new look can quickly look drab if you do not take care of it properly. So how can you keep your new wood fencing looking fresh? Know what kind of maintenance is required and stay abreast of any problems. Sealing Your […]

How to Stop Dogs from Digging Under Your Fence

Cute Dog face peers out from behind a wooden fence

Are your pups escape artists? It doesn’t matter how attentive of a dog owner you are; there are some dogs who are simply burrowers. It can be absolutely frustrating to have to keep filling in holes and explaining the situation to your neighbors. But that doesn’t mean that you just have to live with the […]

Privacy Fence Ideas

The Sun shines over the rails of a well made wooden fence

Are you looking for a private area within your yard that will allow you to escape the eyes of onlookers, yet you do not want to sacrifice the view? Or maybe you live in an area where you have animals and need to creatively address privacy concerns but need them to be safe around your […]