What Type of Fencing is Best for Cattle

What Type of Fencing is Best for Cattle? Cattle have been a ranch staple for hundreds of years. A century ago, ranchers used wooden ranch rail fencing. Earlier still in the Old West, ranchers balked at using wooden fencing as wood was scarce and had to be brought in from the Eastern U.S. Ranchers turned […]

Choosing the Best Livestock Fencing

A field of grass with a white fence and the words "Choosing the Right Fencing for Your Livestock"

Choosing the right ranch fencing material and style can help significantly reduce the loss of livestock by ensuring that cows, horses, hogs and other animals can’t jump over, dig under, or destroy a fence. The right farm fencing can also keep predators and unwanted visitors out. Take the time to familiarize yourself with fence types and livestock […]

Choosing the Right Fence for Your Ranch or Farm

A wooden fence with the words "Choosing the Right Fence for Your Ranch" written above it

Fences play an important role on a ranch or farm. Far from being just decorative, they are essential for containing your animals and keeping other animals out. Fences also define property lines and discourage thieves and vandals from entering the property. There are many types of fences that you can use on your farm or […]