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Residential clients make up the core of our business.  We ensure each client receives a quality fence with top-notch customer service.


You have heard the saying, "It's not what you say, it's how you say it" and here at Rustic Fence we believe the same principle applies to our experience, it's not necessarily what you know, it's how you apply it. Professionalism is all about using the information and experience you have to drive your creative and innovative abilities to overcome obstacles in your path. Our team here at Rustic Fence takes pride in our line of work and takes pleasure in providing our customers with the highest grade of professionalism. 


Rustic Fence has been the market leader in residential fencing because of our passion to continually learn and develop ways to build a better fence. For 50 years we have amassed a stockpile of experience and information that has helped us to move forward every day in our mission to build the best fence for our community.  

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Fill out this form to request an estimate.  You can also contact us via phone at (817)275-2151 or (972)725-7984.

Secure your home with a programmable sliding gate

Using a slide gate for controlled access alows you to take a different approach in designing your gate, almost anything that the mind can imagine in the way of gate and fences, Rustic Fence can build. 

Wood/Iron Combos make great accent pieces

A wood-iron combo fence and gate makes a lovely addition to your home and lawn.